How can I invest from Australia?

You can buy LatAm Autos shares through a broker that supports shares on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX).  LatAm Autos’ ticker is ASX:LAA.  You should seek advice from a financial services professional before investing.

How can I invest from outside Australia?

If you are a resident outside of Australia and want to invest in LatAm Autos, note that LatAm Autos shares can generally only be purchased through an ASX registered broker. However, you can also contact your local broker to see if they have a relationship with an ASX registered broker.
Alternatively, Interactive Brokers is an online broker that takes registrations from residents of many countries around the world that supports shares traded on the ASX. 

How do I manage my shares?

You can view current information regarding your LatAm Autos shareholding via the Boardroom share registry site.  You can also login into this site to update your details.

How do I find the share price?

Our current share price can be found on the ASX website.



What is LatAm Autos’ dividend policy?

For the short to medium term LatAm Autos intends to reinvest its profits in order to continue to grow the business and achieve market dominance in Latin America.  Accordingly, the Company does not intend to distribute any dividends until the financial and market position of the company warrants it, as decided by the Board of Directors.

The Company cannot and does not give any assurances as to the extent, timing, level of franking or payment of any dividends in any future period as all the foregoing are dependent on a number of factors including the level of future earnings, the amount of tax paid, the financial position of the Company, future operating conditions and future cash requirements to fund growth.

The level of franking of future dividends, if any, will depend upon the proportion of the Company’s profits taxed in Australia.

Tax Information

All companies must deduct tax at the top marginal rate plus the Medicare levy from un-franked dividends and interest payable to investors who have not supplied their Tax File Number/Australian Business Number (TFN/ABN). Tax will not be deducted from the franked portion of dividends. Certain pensioners are exempt from supplying their TFN. 

Non-resident Tax Information

If, for taxation purposes, you are a non-resident of Australia (or in certain cases a recently arrived resident), then your dividend/interest may be subject to special tax provisions which require tax to be withheld before payment of dividends/interest is made. If your postal address is outside Australia you will be treated as a non-resident.