South American Car Sales Website to Float on ASX

January 28, 2015

Handley (Executive Director and Co-Founder) tells the story why he decided this region and the potential it has: The Latin American region is the fastest growing internet population globally"

LatAm Autos: revved up for online car ads

June 30, 2015

“The company is investing in technology and new content, such as car reviews, and increasing its focus on Mexico, whose outlook is more promising thanks to economic reforms.”

An AFL star, a Ex CBA Director and S. Clausen for my start-up

March 17, 2015

"Creating a strong board is vital for any business, but it's especially crucial for startups, [...] to help persuade investors that your business is the best one to put their hard-earned cash behind".

The online classifieds' market

April, 21, 2015

“A tech company that is born by entrepreneurs tends to push forward by growing and making things change. Growth is the best thing for any firm and it is what make us get ahead”

LatAm Autos seeks to dominate online car sales

October, 19, 2015

“We spoke with the CEO of this company listed on the Australian stock market which aims to consolidate the most important online vehicle sale portals in LA, including Mexico¨